We link and consolidate company data so that it can be interpreted and acted upon. Companies have invaluable data locked up within their CRM, accounting, ERP and proprietary databases. Not to mention the hundreds of spreadsheets that arises in the course of running a business. We aggregate data from company systems, consolidate it in one place and enable a company to utilise their information in real time. This also allows them to share information with partners and connect with developer ecosystems.



We believe that all companies have valuable data and that a large portion of this still remains locked up in proprietary databases and closed systems. Our mission is to enable all big and small companies to utilise their data to grow, optimise their business and connect to outside ecosystems. It has been shown time and time again that when information is made available, developers build upon it, by reducing the technical barriers to building and maintaining APIs we’re going to give small companies the ability to scale that big companies currently have.